Skulpturalt och utforskande arbete kring speglingar i metalliska ytor.

Underbara parasit

En droppe sten

Book Arts

Handmade book and cover

Art On The Floor

Expressive woolen rugs for Nobis Hotel Copenhagen.


Ljudverk med inspelningar från Eriksberg. Verket visades som en del av samlings­utställning Älvsnabben – drömmen om ett annat Göteborg på Sjöfarts­museet i Göteborg. Med utgångspunkt i passagerarfärjan Älvsnabbens…


A still life sculpture depicting vulnerability.

Tattoo stool

Carvings and illustrations in wood for tattoo stool. Available at Nordiska galleriet with your choise of wood and colour. The stool is designed by Wingårdhs and produced by…

Making faces

Sketch for a public art piece. The wall becomes sculptural through several different layers of soft and hard materials. The mobile hanging from the ceiling interacts with the…


Investigation of shape and material

A message to you

The flag as a messageholder, with symbols that are undefined.

Geometrical shapes – Carpets

Perception of Subjects

Unspecified 01–03

In the wake

The artwork I kölvattnet (In the wake) was exhibited at Sjöfartsmuseet (Maritime museum) in Gothenburg. The installation is based on recorded sound from Älvsnabben, the ferry that connects…

Just breathe

Illustration for the short novel Låt det bara andas in the second edition of Världens Ende.


Experimental selfies

Valhalla karaoke

Drafts from the karaokee video that was a result from the documentation of Valhalla


Valhalla art project, documentation of Valhalla bath and sport centre presented in a folder and music

Creating waterfalls

Materialistic experiment of textiles, water and a sink to create this fantasy landscape of a waterfall.

All this talk of nothing

Experimental work. Poems and short stories that was read out loud during the exhibition of the printed book.

Emporia signage

Signage design for Emporia, the largest mall in scandinavia at the time of the opening in 2012 and the winner of WAF 2013 Shopping Category. All 72 pictograms…

Hela baletten

The book Hela baletten (The entire ballet) consisting of 60 pages and including 11 different illustrations. The illustrations are a word by word translation of swedish idioms, freely…

The Birds

Backa Teater

Illustration and posters for Backa Teater




Watercolor artwork

Handpainted silk

Genom Havet

Illustration/graphic design for the play Genom Havet at Teater Kurage.

The Swedish forest


Den sista wrestlern

Art direction/illustration/graphic design for the play Den sista wrestlern at Teater Kurage.


Illustration/graphic design for the play Ruttet at Teater Kurage.

Villa Sand

Graphic design of the book Villa Sand

Lennart Grebelius

Poster/Invitationcard: Second by second. Twenty Billion Years and other work. – Lennart Grebelius Graphic design for the invitationcard and poster to Lennart Grebelius exhibition at Borås Artmuseum shares…

Today is blank

Experimental graphic work


Illustrations of cinnamon plants for Systembolagets christmas gift packaging

The Sun

Illustration for a tattoo


Logo and folder for the art exhibition Älvsnabben at Sjöfartsmuseet in Gothenburg